Below are the prices for the sessions that I offer.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Don’t fret! Just shoot me an email

and we can work something out that is perfect for you & your family!




(unless otherwise noted) …


A flash drive or disc that contains a minimum

of 20 professionally retouched, high resolution images from your session

accompanied by the print release,

and web sized files for sharing with friends and family.

The prices below are fees for my sessions

(time, talent, set up, and travel) and does not include any prints.





On Location Pet and Family session: | 150 |

(Up to 4 immediate family members and/or pets)


​This includes a location of your choice!

Your home, a place that has a special meaning to your family,

or a location that I help you decide on.

I will take a variety of natural and posed pictures of your family.

These pictures will be taken in a natural environment,

with no back drops involved. Most sessions take about an hour.





On Location Pet and Family session: | 175 |

(Up to 4 immediate family members and/or pets)


This includes a mobile studio set up. Lights, camera, action!

The pictures can be taken from anywhere with enough free space

(about a 10’x10′ area).

I’m happy with assisting moving and

putting back furniture if its needed!

Indoor or outdoor, just about anywhere.

Currently I’m working with white or black backdrops,

but if you have something else in mind let me know

and I’ll see if I can acquire it before we schedule.

Most sessions take about an hour after set up.





On Location Pet session: | 125 |


I adore love animals. I’ve lived with them my entire life

and I love photographing them.

I love to capture their perfect little personalities, little faces, paws….

I would love to have your furry family member in front of my camera!

This session will include a variety of props.

It may take some time for your pet to warm up to me,

so extra time is allotted.

Bring treats & toys to reward good behavior.

If your pet gets car sick, or doesn’t do well traveling,

I would be happy to travel to your home.

I can bring all the necessary equipment.

Most sessions take about an hour after set up.





Professional Head shot | 50 |

(one animal or person per session)


Simply a head shot!

Animals and people welcome.

The shoot takes less than a half hour, including set up if needed.

You’ll receive 5-10 professionally edited shots,

with or without text (your choice).

All shots are edited to 8″x10″ inches,

and digital files are included for sharing online.

No props are used and the background is simple,

shots are done in any location you’d like.





More helpful Info …





To officially book a session with me,

Here is what I need:

A deposit and a signed contract(s) from you.

Deposits are non refundable,

but can be transferred if you reschedule your session.

The remaining balance is due on or before your session date.

72 Hour minimum required to cancel, otherwise your retainer will be forfeited.


| An additional fee may be charged for excessive travel times |



What Happens After Our Session?


Session editing will be completed within 14 days

(Unless stated otherwise)

Once your session is completed, I will mail your images to you.

You are welcome to share your images with family & friends as long

as my watermark is on the picture.

Pictures can be purchased from me and I will ship right to your door!

It is very easy and convenient.

If you need any help ordering, I would be more than happy to help you!

You are also welcome to print yourself, at any location you choose.

During this time, I ask that you not

“screen shot” pictures from your session.
Previews are always posted to my Facebook page –

Make sure you’re a fan of our page 🙂

Your disc/ flash drive & print release will ship out within 7 days

of your sessions completion. After you’ve received your disc in the mail,

feel free to post them anywhere you’d like!

The print release allows you to reproduce the images at any location, in any size you desire.

The photos may reproduced but may not be altered in any way

(re-edited, color changed)


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